Top 5 Benefits of Playing Squash {Health Benefits}

Health Benefits of Playing Squash

Did you ever played squash?

No or maybe yes?

If yes, then you will know that it is one of the most fun containing sports that requires agility and skill.

And because it is an indoor sport you can completely enjoy the conditions as you don’t need to go outside and play in that invariable whether, you can completely enjoy the game of Squash in Indoor Court.

You can either play it as an competitive sport or you can just enjoy the game with any other player who is just a newbie, in either case you will enjoy the game.

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Now talking about top 5 benefits of playing squash, I know that’s why you are here, you just want to know the health benefits of playing squash, so here we go.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Squash

Health Benefits of Playing Squash

  1. Agility

Agility is one thing that every people want but most of us can’t really develop agility because of the fact we don’t work hard enough, also we do go to gym and workout, but that level of workout or we can say the intensity is not always high so developing that level of agility is difficult for us but while playing squash we can develop it while having fun.

It is one of the most fun ways I have ever seen to be agile. You can go either on Saturday and Sunday, play squash and can be as Agile as possible.

Just keep one thing in mind that while playing squash you need to be having best squash rackets, by best squash rackets we mean that you need those lightweight rackets that can give you power in those shots because it’s all about power and skill so you need to be having a racket that can give you a mix of power and control.

So make sure you choose the best racket available for squash, specially if you are serious about playing this game.

2. Flexibility & Hand Eye Coordination

If you want to be flexible then squash is one of the top games in that list of games that can keep you flexible, actually keep your body flexible.

Want to know why?

If you have ever played squash then you will know that squash is all about repeatedly seeing the ball and adjusting your body according to that, and hitting the ball with fierce power. So you can call it hand eye coordination. And when you are improving your hand eye coordination, the flexibility of your body will automatically be improved.

We don’t really want to go deep in this topic because we can write whole day about this topic as flexibility and hand eye coordination is big thing, but only thing we want to talk here is that squash can improve your flexibility and hand eye coordination as it sharpens Your Mind, your ability to react, promotes elasticity, improves blood flow in your body, stretches every part of your body.

3. Improve concentration

These days improving your concentration is difficult because there are so many distractions available, but with squash you can improve your concentration easily specially when you start enjoying the game.

It is because your eyes always concentrating on the ball coming at you, so technically your concentrating on the ball, doing this for longer periods, like playing this game every Saturday Sunday, within a few months period, you will see your concentration getting improved, you will get the benefit in your daily life too.

So these are top 3 health benefits that you will get by playing squash so what you are waiting for go what, buy the best squash racket and start enjoying the game.

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